Unity Top Down Shooter – Complete Tutorial – Introduction

In this series of videos that span approximately 4 hours, you will learn how to create a top down shooter game using Keyboard and Mouse controls from scratch. This tutorial series is designed for absolute beginners. It runs over 8 videos, each exploring a different topic or concept. Each topic or concept can then be repurposed for use in an entirely different game genre.

Check out the video here:

The topics covered are as follows:

  • Level Building – Building a level with Probuilder
  • Player Movement – Using the RigidBody Component to move with forces.
  • Player Rotation – Using Raycasting to find a point with your mouse and have your player look at it.
  • Lighting & Post Processing – Using Point Lights, Reflection Probes, Emissive Materials and Unity’s Post Processing Stack
  • Enemy & Navmesh – Using the Navmesh and NavmeshAgent Component and Script to make the enemy chase your player.
  • Shooting – Using Instantiation to create clones of Bullet Prefabs and applying forces to them.
  • Spawning – Using Instantiation to clone Prefabs of enemy objects at key points on your level. Also learning about public functions and calling them from outside of the script.
  • Game Logic – Breaking down the game loop into logic such as spawning waves of enemies at timed intervals.
  • UI & Score Keeping – Using Unity’s Canvas to create a responsive User Interface and Feedback window

Please link to my social media for news and updates regarding release times for each video!

All of the assets such as C# scripts, Textures, Prefabs and even the entire Unity 3D project will be made available at the end as downloads.

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